• MAY 3-5, 2016 | Hartford, CT
    The aerospace, defense, and medical device industries share similar needs for high-quality manufacturing.


    Mfg4 2016 brings together key advanced manufacturing suppliers in these three industries, providing manufacturers with a unique environment for collaboration and convergence.


    Mfg4 is technology transfer in action.

  • Where Brilliant Ideas and People Intersect.

    Mfg4 2016 helps you adapt and adopt existing technologies to meet your toughest challenges.


    With a forecasted production of $1.8 trillion in turbine-powered aircraft through 2023, the aerospace industry faces a number of challenges that internal R&D alone won't solve. Find Solutions at Mfg4 2016.


    With the U.S. defense budget forecast to decrease from $631 billion in 2015 to $585 billion in 2019 the pressure on the defense and arms industries to do more with less is only going to increase. Find cutting-edge manufacturing technologies at Mfg4 2016.


    With the global market for medical devices expected to grow from $386 billion in 2015 to $517 billion in 2020, and a medical device excise tax expected to cut into profits, the need for cutting-edge manufacturing technology is essential.

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    Attend Complimentary Keynote Presentations in the Mfg4 Intersection.

    The 21st Century Brilliant Factory

    Stephan Biller, Chief Scientist, Manufacturing and Research
    GE Global Research

    Imagine a factory that never stops and is constantly re-inventing itself to continuously improve products and how they are made. That is the essence of GE’s vision for the Brilliant Factory. This factory will be enabled by a digital thread that marries virtual tools with physical tools and connects every part of the manufacturing supply chain from product designers to workers on the factory floor.

    Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for Orthopaedic Devices

    Gene Kulesha, Senior Director, Platform Technology Engineering, Research and Development Business Unit, Reconstructive Division, Stryker Orthopaedics

    Additive manufacturing (AM) has changed the way developers think about innovation and design. Used for hip and knee replacements, spinal fusion, cranial implants, and more, this exciting technology is enabling new ways to make devices and treat patients.

    Enabling Manufacturing Technology, Past, Present and Future Vision for Electric Boat

    Ned Kaminski, Principal Engineer
    Electric Boat

    This presentation will provide an insight into the General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation (GDEB), the complex products it produces, and enabling technologies being implemented.

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